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Thinking of hiring a junk removal service?

Before you pick up the phone, consider this: many junk removal prices aren’t always what they seem.  While some companies may advertise their services as a flat fee, others will charge you depending on how much junk you have.  And if you’ve accumulated enough stuff to audition for the TV show “Hoarders”, then you’ll want to arm yourself with the 5 things you must know to get the best junk removal price.

Arm yourself with these junk removal secrets, and you’ll be enjoying a clutter-free space again – for now!

1.Ask a potential junk removal company if they’ll be charging you for miles.  If so, it’s best to look locally to get the best junk removal price.

2.Look for companies who charge a flat removal fee.  Of course, if you’ve got enough junk on your hands to keep several junk removal companies in business for a few weeks, you might be charged extra.  

3.Another junk removal secret?  Ask if they charge extra to haul certain items away, like furniture or large electronics.

4.The more experienced junk removal services will charge more than, say, the college students who live down the secret.  But if you want a high-quality job, then it’s worth hiring a licensed junk removal service.

5.Of course, don’t be afraid to bargain with the junk removal service.  You’ll be surprised at the kind of deals you can land just by asking for them!

Atlanta Cleanup & Junk Removal provides fast junk removal Atlanta, electronics recycling, garbage hauling, refrigerator disposal,and so that you can keep your home free from unwanted items.

Junk Removal Secrets: 5 Things You Must Know
To Get The Best Junk Removal Price